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Vitrified Metals Technologies and Applications in Devices and Chemistry

ESR2 – Daria Barsuk – INP Grenoble – daria.barsuk@simap.grenoble-inp.fr


ESR2 – Daria Barsuk – INP Grenoble – daria.barsuk@simap.grenoble-inp.fr

Daria BARSUK studied at the Lomonssov Moscow State University, at the Faculty of Physics. She obtained her Master degree in Solid State Physics, working in the field of polymers and chrystals and consequantely gained industrial experience in the department of Quality Control at Loreal-Kaluga (Russia) and at engineering department of Renault (Moscow branch) later.  Her engagement in the VitriMetTech project is for Metallurgical Design of New Nanoporous Nanostructures, which implies study of thermodynamics, modeling and elaboration of the the metallic structures in a controlled way. These materials can find their further application as catalysts, filters, biocompatible implants and used for parts with bactericide properties.

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